Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions regarding the end of Life support for Genesys PureConnect products

No, Genesys PureConnect customers do not need to select another Genesys product after they transition away from the PureConnect system. Genesys is giving its PureConnect customers time to evaluate their options and manage a migration. PureConnect customers who decide to remain on their existing platform after July 2025 will not be receiving any additional security patches or updates from Genesys.

While there are familiarities between the two systems, Genesys did a complete overhaul when it developed its CX Cloud platform. You will see brand new features and capabilities and ways of building solutions that will empower agents and managers to control the system how they want with, ideally, minimal IT involvement.

A migration from an on-premises system to a cloud-based one is an enormous project that typically takes anywhere from 6 to 18 months. The length of the migration is dependent on a number of factors, including: the complexity of integrations into the existing system, whether or not APIs exist, the complexity of connecting to the CRM, the size of the contact center, whether the current system is also the phone system for other parts of the business, the level of customization built into the existing system, the number of and types of functional improvements that are sought after during the migration, and whether the company will manage the RFP process alone or will use an external consultant.

No. Getting an on-premises CRM and PBX to integrate with a new cloud solution will require the development of APIs or other middleware to connect the systems. Additionally, you will also need to map all your processes to ensure that everything on the backend, like a knowledge management or email solution, will work with the new architecture.

Yes, it will. However, your system will be vulnerable because security patches will no longer be offered, services will not be enhanced, and advancement of the product and break fix capabilities will cease to be provided from Genesys. There may be 3rd party providers to help you out on break fix issues, but the product will be end-of-life for support and improvement, but it will continue to process and manage calls.